As a local partner of your team, we accelerate your business innovation with our Innovation Kite approach. We make your company more successful with a professional Digital Transformation. With our Digital Plug-In Teams your company can profit from a flexible and scalable resourcing pool with access to professional development skills worldwide. We also deliver fixed price and high quality Custom made software within tight timeframes.


We are result-driven and deliver scalable and high quality Digital Solutions. Resourcing Pros has successfully completed assignments for Start Ups, Scale Ups, Professional SMEs and Multinationals, including Shell, Nedis, Xinaps, Raamdecoratie.com, PostNL (Dutch Postal Services) and Panasonic.


We deliver Digital Solutions with Business Value

Digitale Transformatie

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is more than just programming, innovating or bridging the gap between internal IT and Business departments. This requires a sound  “Change Management” that transforms multiple aspects of your business. It is not just about technology, but is also about People, Process and Portfolio. Ask for our “Digital Transformator” for digital transformation that transcends automation.


Co-Innovation and Kite Thinking

With the unique Innovation Kite approach of Resourcing Pros, we “innovate innovation”. With our approach we realize a fast and effective Digital Transformation for our customers by not designing Digital Solutions from two but from four professional perspectives. We design and create from the end user experience and the customer journey. We put Visual Engineering first.

Resourcing en Maatwerk Software

Software Solutions and Low Coding

Resourcing Pros offers local strategic advice in combination with its own international Expert Centers network of experienced IT specialists and developers. We advise and we realize Digital Solutions that offer maximum business impact for minimal investments. Our Expert centers offer access to every current technology.

Flexible Resourcing

Our unique Resourcing Pro business model realizes a true “localization” of international services in a way there is no difference between a local employee or a remote one. We are happy to explain why we are better at this than others.


With our Skill Bucket and Digital Plug-In Teams we realize a “full service” flexible range from system architects, user experience (UX) specialists and software specialists to operational managers and service desk staff. We also work project based delivering customized software and digital solutions at a fixed price


With our Skill Bucket we also enable international resourcing for Start Ups, Scale Ups and professional SMEs.


Customers about us


“The fact that Resourcing Pros Technical Coordinator is able to quickly understand our business needs and translate these to technical solutions is of very great value to us.”

Frank Schuyer, CEO Xinaps

Whether a Start Up is successful or not depends greatly on the product and on the timing. With the help of Resourcing Pros Xinaps has developed a Minimum Viable Product in a very short timescale. Because Xinaps could quickly upscale and downscale in the number of resources Xinaps has managed to save significantly on personnel costs.

Plug In IT-Partner

“As your “Plug-In IT partner” we ensure that you don’t have to worry about direction and control of your international development teams. We allocate exactly the right expertise at the right moment for high quality and secure software development.

Edgar Kiwiet, CEO Resourcing Pros


With our unique hybrid business model we can offer every company in need of experienced software engineering a cost efficient and speedy access to the best experts in their field.


We are embedded into our customer’s teams and offer the optimal seamless connection to extended resource pools. Customers tell us it is virtual impossible to tell that we operate worldwide. We offer a true localization of international software engineering talent.

Latest News from Resourcing Pros

Betty Blocks and Resourcing Pros establish a strategic business partnership

Betty Blocks established a strategic business partnership with Resourcing Pros to offer the Betty Blocks no-code platform as part of developing innovative solutions for professional SME’s in the Netherlands and Germany.
Betty Blocks en Resourcing Pros starten Partnership